Not forgotten! (24-Jun-2015)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015: Not forgotten

Today I received the book Lilian Weinberg Osmo wrote about her uncle Gerd Weinberg.

I am incredibly happy that she wrote this book. I wish a book like this could be written about every refugee child. Especially about the ones who did not survive, like Gerd.

For whoever is interested: the book can be downloaded using the following link:

Conversations With Gerd download


Another child who was recently honoured is Erich Demerer. His unfortunate story especially moved Marga Pepping, who works for Jewish Digital Monument. She had never heard of Maly Trostinec, the place where Erich was killed after being deported from Vienna. Last month Marga went there and put up a “plaque” in Erich’s name.


And last but not least, the foundation “Stolpersteine Dordrecht” in the person of Gert van Engelen researches many Jews from Dordrecht. Among them five refugee children! You can find their stories (in Dutch) here:

Ernst Jacob HesdörfferHannelore ThalIrene SchwarzAnselm Citron and Lore Neugarten