First site (21-Apr-2011)

After announcing the launching of the Dokin website by email last Sunday, many reactions came in. All of them positive. To the number of you who expected more, let me just say: so do I! I just need more time. Currently I am writing a new section which will feature the homes and shelters where the children stayed. Following this I intend to set-up and display a database containing information on all the children who were murdered.

For those of you who have sent me compliments: thank you very much, also on behalf of my husband, who has devoted his time to build the site. I am also indebted to many other helpful and considerate people who have contributed to the site. As for the feedback, please do not hold back even if it is, shall we call it, constructive criticisms.

At the moment I am very busy preparing my upcoming endeavour. On April 26th I am going to make one of my dreams – regarding my research – come true: I will be going to the US to interview (former) refugee children!! The Netherlands-America Foundation (NAF) had partially honored my request for a travel grant in December 2009 after which I tried to get the remaining funds. I had almost given up hope when some weeks ago Prof. Evelien Gans, my supervisor at the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation, suddenly phoned me with the message that she found a grant for me. I will be in the US until May 14th and will hopefully interview people in Glen Ellyn IL, Cincinatti OH, New Jersey, Long Island, New York City, Albany NY and the Boston area. It will be quite a challenging trip and I have planned almost every minute of my stay. I am so excited that I will get to meet all those refugee children with whom I have corresponded so often. I intend to write about my “business trip”, as I call it, on this blog, so those of you who are interested can follow me.

Later this year I am hoping to travel to Israel to interview all my contacts there.