Andere Tijden (tv program) (26-Apr-2014)

Last Thursday “Andere Tijden” was broadcast. I thought it was well made, and it gave a little bit of insight into the story of the refugee children, but it was way and way too short. Yael Koren, who made the documentary, is discontented with the length. The interviews are really good, but because of the limited time, she has had to make too many cuts. But perhaps this will lead to other opportunities. She thinks the material is so good that she will try to make a full scale documentary with it. Let’s hope she can do it (i.e. that she will find the necessary funds).

Here’s the link to see the program Andere Tijden (in Dutch). There is one factual error that needs to be corrected. At the end of the program, the presenter stated that two-thirds of the children did not survive. The fact is that one-third did not survive. These children are listed in the public section of
It is the remaining two-thirds that did survive and they can be found in the secure zone of

The interview with me was not used in the documentary. Parts of it can be seen on line, by clicking here: Interview Miriam. Sorry, I do speak Dutch here!!!

And…. for who wants to watch the “EenVandaag” item: please click here: Stolpersteinen Zwolle. That was very short as well, of the 30 minutes interview with me they actually used 27,5 seconds, but that is how tv works.

Now that this has all been done I have actually started writing! It will be a lot of work, but I might just be finished before the end of the year.