Haarlem, Quaker School aka Institute Pollatz

Address: Westerhoutpark 14, Haarlem

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Manfred Pollatz and his wife were living in Dresden. After the Nazi takeover Manfred was arrested and imprisoned. He was allowed to leave the country and went to Haarlem, where he and his wife bought a house on the Westerpark in 1933. They set up a small Quaker school here, where they could house and school a maximum of 15 pupils. The costs were taken care of by the Pollatz couple themselves, and by the Quaker society. Most of the pupils came before Kristallnacht.

During the war the Pollatzs helped the underground movement, while still having some children in their home. In 1943 Manfred Pollatz was taken to Camp Vught and from there to Dachau. He was released because his son Heinz consented to go to the Eastern Front, serving as a doctor. Heinz Pollatz would not survive this, but Manfred came back. (44)



44.  Noord Hollands archief