Arnhem, “Jongenshuis”

Address: Amsterdamscheweg 1-3, Arnhem

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Opened on October 1, 1940. The Nazis took all the children in December 1942 to Westerbork. Despite the name (boys house) there were also some girls here.

Pediatrician Siegfried Wolff (born in Gnesen in 1888) served as director of this house. He had fled from Eisenach. Hanna Kalter Weiss writes about Siegfried Wolff:

“Hanne looks at Wolf [sic] on his throne up front, shaking with laughter at one of Peter’s sick jokes. His head sort of bobs between his front and back mounded in typical hunchback fashion. Actually, he had a good-looking head of silky, silver-gray hair. It just sits on the wrong body. She marvels at his hands with their long, sensitive fingers. Head and hands seem grossly at odds with his misshapen body. His intelligent eyes bore deep-blue rays into her face every time he looks at her. Give her the feeling that he can read her mind. Like Mutti at home.

He was pediatrician in Berlin [sic]. Ran his own clinic. Quite famous, they say. A real Prussian, terribly bossy. Too bad that he resents her so much.” (14)

Group picture of the refugees in the Jongenshuis in Arnhem, courtesy of Heinz Hesdörffer


14. Hanna Kalter Weiss: Scuds, a teenage Jewish refugee in Nazi-occupied Holland, 73