Amerongen, Huize Ons Bliscap (Our Joy)


(postcard, about 1960, photo by J.A. Vrijhof)

Address: Bergweg 16, Amerongen

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The house was owned by the “Centrale Commissie voor het vrijzinnig protestantisme”(Central Commission for Liberal Protestantism) in Utrecht: they wrote a letter to the Ministry of Interior Affairs on March 11, 1939, stating that the house would be available for refugee children until July 1, 1939 on the same conditions that were applied for the use of the Bondshuis in Soesterberg. The first refugee children had already arrived here on March 25, 1939. The last of the children left on July 1, 1939.(1)

Most of the children who stayed here came from the Noorderhuis in Ruinen. When they left they went to foster families, the facilities in Gouda or the Burgerweeshuis in Amsterdam.

Today the building is used as a holiday facility.




(1) Letter from Secretary of Committee Vrijzinnig Protestantisme to Ministry of Interior Affairs, June 7, 1939, NL-HaNA, Zorg voor de vluchtelingen uit Duitsland, 1938-1942, 2.04.58, inv. nr. 69