New site and Westerbork name reading (22-Jan-2020)

Three weeks ago, we re-launched the re-built site. We did not have the site rebuilt because we were bored, but because the platform that the old site was built on is going to be discontinued. We were happy to have found Jeroen Bakker who did a great job (the site seems simple and easy, but that is deceitful: it is more complicated than meets the eye!). The site is basically the same as the old one. We made a few minor changes. One of them makes it easier for (children of) surviving Kinder to find the site, and the first one has already found me.

This month (January 2020) I will be reading names in Westerbork again. This 5-yearly commemoration is the reading of the 102.000 names of the people who were deported from the Netherlands. The reading starts on Wednesday, January 22nd at 17.00 GMT+1 and will be finished on Monday, January 27th at 15.30. My turn is on Monday the 27th, from 14.30 till 14.40. You can follow the reading on-line at There is also a time-schedule there, so you can see when (approximately) the name of your relative will be read.