Worthwhile (8-Jun-2015)

I would like to share an e-mail I received two weeks ago. Reactions like this are what makes it all so worthwhile for me….

Dear Miriam,

I’m so excited that I found your link.

I was so small, three and a half when I left Germany and I just remember fragments what happened to my brother, sister and I in Amsterdam and on the Bodegraven in 1940 and seeing my name listed in black and white makes it more real.

My brother who is listed as well died in England when I was seven, I have no picture of him and do not remember his face. Can you imagine my astonishment and joy when he jumped out at me from the picture on your site and I immediately recognized him.

 I celebrated my 80th birthday two weeks ago and I got lots of beautiful presents and wonderful birthday wishes, but this came as the wonder of my life.

Thank you for the wonderful work that you have done and thank you for giving me my brother back to me. I have lived without any family of then for so long now I can show my family of now that my sister and I had a brother.

Thank you again

Best Regards

Mirjam Bait Talmi-Szpiro, Israel