Launch of site (13-Jan-2014)

Yesterday I notified about 300 people by mail about the launch of the site. The response has been overwhelming! Within minutes I started receiving the first replies. Many people complimented the site, some gave me corrections and others provided additions. One child whose fate I did not know turns out to have survived. Also, Henry Loewenstein sent me pictures of the Eylenburg family. This is the first time I saw a picture of Elizabeth Eylenburg, whose letters I translated, and to whom I’ve felt so close while working on the translations.
It feels very good to be able to share all of this with so many people who are interested. It is amazing how fast others found the site as well: two researchers, one in Tilburg and one in Dinslaken, contacted me over the weekend, after they had found the site through a search engine.
I don’t think I ever received so many e-mails in one day.