Friends and Sponsors

We take this opportunity to express our thanks and gratitude to our friends, patrons and sponsors who share in our mission to honour and memorialise the many children who were made to flee to The Netherlands between 1938 and 1939.

There are many I should thank.

Of course in the first place I would like to thank all those former refugee children who have trusted me with their stories and their documents.  And their relatives, like Hannah and Oded Meyuhas of Jerusalem, and the late Siep Wijsenbeek (who even turned out to be my cousin), who have given me very valuable material.

Thank you Evelien Gans z.l., for trusting me and helping me, and making me an associated researcher at the NIOD (Dutch Institute for War Documentation) in Amsterdam.  Thank you Raymund Schütz of the Dutch Red Cross for all your help.

Thank you Frank Kanhai of the National Archives, for making me feel like a princess while researching all those files at the National Archives.

Thank you Lou Keezing z.l. (who I already knew was my cousin) in Connecticut, Martha Barnes ten Sijthoff, in Heemstede, for editing my English, and Frank Diamand, in Amsterdam, for editing my Dutch.

Thank you Dorothee Lottmann-Kaeseler from Wiesbaden for all your help and support.

A very special thank you to Alexia Gültlingen in Boston, MA, for all your translations!

And how about all those local researchers in Germany, many of whom I had endless email conversations with, sometimes only about one single child?

And then of course there are many others who gave me information or helped me in another way.

Thank you Cor van Wees from Haarlem for the initial graphic design of the site and the logo, and thank you Karen and Dominique Lattari of Sydney, Australia, for the technical and the initial launch of the website. And thank you Jeroen Bakker for the migration and relaunch of (v2).

Thank you Martin Lehmann from Laren (N-H) for joining the foundation and for your talent in communications.

And thank you Greg (for the work on the database and website) and Sara, for giving me the leeway to do this, and supporting this project in many other ways.

de Beeld Makerij