Berthold-David Grünebaum (born 26 July 1931)

Birth date:

Birth place:
Groß Karben

Death date:

Death place:

Mother's name:
Rosel Strauss

Mother's birth date:

Mother's birth place:
Frankfurt am Main

Father's name:
Heinrich Grünebaum

Father's birth date:

Father's birth place:

Last address in Germany:
Frankfurt a/M Mainzstr 23

Notes upon arrival in the Netherlands:
father is potato dealer. address: Frankfurt a/M Mainzstr 23. Came from Naarden

Locations in The Netherlands:

Vacationhome CIW, Baarnschweg 58, den Dolder

Huis ten Vijver, Dwarsweg 3, Scheveningen

Den Haag, Stuyvesandtstr. 26, fam. De Bok

Den Haag, Schenkstr. 222, v. Leeuwen

Den Haag, Stuyvesantstr 26, Bek



Other facts:

Additional info:
Went to Belgium where he lived with aunt and uncle Pittermann (source: family member) But according to a book about refugees in Belgium by Insa Meinen and Ahlrich Meyer he lived with his parents in Brussels. Berthold's mother Rosa wrote a letter to the Belgium Ministry of foreign affairs on November 18th, 1938, from Boppard am Rhein. Her husband was in Buchenwald; She asked permission to stay in Belgium until the family would get their visa in June 1939 (they were registered under number 7832 at the American consulate in Stuttgart). This permission was refused. After Heinrich Grünebaum was released the couple and their baby Alice lived in a hotel in Hamburg. In April 1939 they came to Belgium., illegally. It is not known if they did indeed get their American visa. When Berthold came to Belgium in July 27th, 1940, the whole family lived together in Brussels. They were deported together from Mechelen to Auschwitz on the 20th transport.

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