Refugee Homes in NL

As far as I know this is the first comprehensive list of all the facilities where refugee children were housed. The list is complete to the best of my knowledge, even over-complete, as I have chosen to include some facilities that were not especially for refugee children. If you have more information about any of these places, please contact me, I would welcome any additions to this overview.

Etten-Leur, IGKR Liesbosch

by Miriam Keesing


Address: Moerdijkse Postbaan 18/Steenmansweg, Leur


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This was one of two vacation homes of the Jewish Orphanage in Rotterdam.

It was in use for refugee children between January 1939 and April 1939.

The Jewish Community of Rotterdam bought this home in 1924 to use for holidays for city children.

The house was also called “Boschhuis”, due to the fact that the Liesbosch was just opposite.

The house was demolished in the late 80’s to make place for villas.